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Beagle helps you identify keywords, phrases, regexes, and complex search queries of interest in streams of text documents.

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Accelerated Text

Accelerated Text is a natural language generation tool which takes descriptions of your data and then produces multiple versions of those descriptions varying in wording and text structure.

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Crawling Framework

Easily crawl news portals or blog sites using Storm Crawler.

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Areas of Expertise

Targeted Crawling

Example: crawl 10,000,000 web pages per day and make them available for enterprise search.

Website Parsing

Example: given a list of websites of investment funds, determine the geographic make up of their exposure.

Search and Discovery

Example: index 500,000 quarterly reports, then determine what is important to rank in the top 10 for each query of interest.

Media Parsing

Example: identifying market reactions to fluctuations of commodity prices as manifested in popular media.

Corporate Document Parsing

Example: Retrieve auditor details from a repository of quarterly company reports.

Report Generation (Natural Language)

Example: automatically generate monthly employee performance reports for different stakeholders.

A Few of Our Past Projects

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Venture Radar (UK)

NLP pipeline with crawler and venture capital funding event detection.

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Weborama (FR)

NLP library used as part of Weborama's media monitoring package.

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SaasMAX (US)

Custom company web page crawl to extract information about business activities.

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ROI: Recruit (SE)

NLP pipeline with crawler, job advertisement identification and contact person recognition.

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Orbit Financial Technology (UK)

NLP pipeline with crawler. Event detection related to financial instruments. Timeseries database population.

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Kaunas University of Technology (LT)

Crawler, named entity recognition, text classification, clustering, deduplication, text similarity estimation and sentiment analysis.

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Social Artisan (UK)

NLP pipeline with web and social media crawler, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and article classification.

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Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (LT)

Open source word stemmer and page function identification algorithm. Research into customer care messages classification.


Our Team


Zygimantas Medelis
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Sarunas Navickas
Data Engineer
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Rokas Ramanauskas
Software Engineer
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