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natural language generation and processing projects

Critical business information is often locked in documents, webpages, comments, and other text-based notes. This often vast and unstructured data must be read, categorized, facts identified, and analyzed to make informed business decisions.

TokenMill provides Natural Language Processing services to help you automate knowledge collection from unstructured data sources and make that data available for your business analysis processes.


Our Services

We have successfully executed multiple projects in the following areas of unstructured data processing and will be happy to help with similar challenges

Document Parsing

Example: retrieve auditor details from a repository of quarterly company reports.

Search and Discovery

Example: index 500,000 quarterly reports, then determine what is important to rank in the top 10 for each query of interest.

News Monitoring

Example: identify mentions of the individual or the company in the adverse context.

Targeted Crawling

Example: crawl 10,000,000 web pages per day and make them available for enterprise search.

Website Analysis

Example: given a list of websites of investment funds, determine the geographic make up of their exposure.


Our expertise in Natural Language Processing will help you to get answers to questions like these:


How many of the received customer support messages are complaints about our new product?

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